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 Weight Loss on Xanax?

Should You Expect Weight Loss on Xanax?

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Will taking Xanax have an impact on your weight loss? It’s a natural question to ask if you have been prescribed this medication.  After all, it’s not uncommon to hear stories about people gaining or losing when they take antidepressants and similar types of prescription drug.

Will You Automatically Lose Weight on Xanax?

The quick answer is no.  You will not automatically lose weight on Xanax.  In fact, many people discover that they eat more while using this medication.  Some believe that this is because many of the depression or anxiety symptoms that took the enjoyment out of eating are reduced or eliminated. This makes it more pleasant to eat again. Others say that this drug can alter the brain chemistry in areas that affect the appetite.

Some Effects Can Support a Weight Control Strategy

That said it does also have certain effects that could help make it easier to lose weight while taking Xanax.  The first is that many people find that symptoms of insomnia linked with their depression or anxiety are eased through the effects of this drug.  Adequate sleep plays a substantial role in helping people to be able to keep up with their weight loss strategies effectively.  It helps to reduce cravings for fatty, sugary and salty foods. At the same time, it helps to decrease hunger for food energy to make up for what was not provided through decent rest.

Many people who are depressed or anxious will eat for comfort.  This means that food choices are based on cravings as opposed to nutritional needs.  Moreover, portion sizes are imbalanced because they are a response to the need for emotional soothing instead of what is required to satisfy actual hunger for nutrition basics.  When the symptoms of anxiety or depression are eased or eliminated, the patient may not feel the need to turn to food for comfort anymore.

However, these effects of Xanax on weight loss are not automatic and should not be assumed. If this drug does have an impact on your weight, it may support reducing it, but it may also cause it to be gained.

There have a number of studies conducted on Xanax and its impact on weight loss and gain.  That said, none of the outcomes indicated that users could assume they will get any slimmer from having taken this medication.  Two small studies indicated that healthy males and women experiencing premenstrual syndrome were more likely to overeat while using this medication.