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Dr. Phils Ultimate Weight Solution

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Many people are familiar with Dr. Phil and his “tell it like it is” persona, and his weight loss program is not much different. Unlike other plans that give individuals their calorie restrictions, Dr. Phil brings awareness to why those individuals who are eating more than they need. Other diets are more focused on losing weight, whereas Dr. Phil asks each person to take the time to determine what is causing them to put on weight and change those habits. This diet has the potential of being more successful than others since it is not a quick fix diet, but rather one of lifelong changes.


Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution gives each individual control over their results and weight loss goals, in true Dr. Phil fashion. However, he offers the 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom as his foundation for encouraging people to seek and work for the results they are looking for. By reading and understanding the seven keys to weight loss, those on the program are able to identify where they are going wrong in their weight loss efforts. These weight loss guidelines will also educate individuals on how to see food, well-being, health and diet in a proper, healthy way in order to change negative habits.


Due to the nature of the diet, Dr. Phil’s Weight Solution has many pros for those looking to lose weight and permanently keep it off. The program teaches individuals to change eating habits and take responsibility for their actions, most of which have something to do with putting the weight on in the first place. By using this foundation of the seven keys to weight loss, these identifications and changes become life changes encouraging healthy diet and exercise. This is not a quick fix plan, but rather one that focuses on changing bad eating habits. One of the major pros to this diet are the mental exercises it gives to emotional eaters, and offers thought and change of attitude in the way they use food for comfort or security.


A con to Dr. Phil’s Weight Solution is that it may be hard for some to recognize terms because many simple concepts are not clearly explained, and other portions are vague. There is no set diet plan, so some might think it is not structured enough to offer the results they are looking for. Based on the focus of this diet, anyone looking to drop a few pounds or tone up might not need an emotionally based diet program.


This diet program may be purchased. The program guide, “The Ultimate Weight Solution: The Seven Keys to Weight-Loss Freedom” is available from various online bookstores or retail stores, where the book may range in price from anywhere from $5-$20.

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