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Experience the extraordinary Golden Door - the number one stand-alone spa in the nation, according to the Zagat Survey of Top U.S. Hotels, Resorts, and Spas (2006). Join us for a weeklong stay that is often described by guests as life-changing. For one week, leave the worries of the world behind - with a unique Southern California destination spa vacation intensely focused on your well-being. Discover strength and suppleness on your way to optimal fitness, the splendor of easy laughter and happiness, the pleasure of good food, and the healthfulness of being out in the open air enjoying superlative beauty. Achieve the perfect balance of body, mind, and spirit through close and caring instruction. Open yourself to extraordinary possibilities.


Golden Door Spa Programs


Embrace the connection of mind, body, and spirit - with the unique daily regimen at the Golden Door. Experience a week of fresh air, nature at her best, and the camaraderie with fellow guests. Awake before the dew dries, and set out on a winding upward hike through avocado groves up to a breathtaking vista to witness a glorious sunrise. As the day progresses, hours are filled with movement, balanced by periods of renewal and relaxation - the cherished ideal at our California spa. Enjoy an educational lecture, with specialists in haiku, nutrition, meditation, and other subjects vital to your journey to health. Seven days at this deeply respected Escondido spa will leave you with a wealth of knowledge, your own fitness program, and new enthusiasm that will inspire and sustain you for months to come.


Rates (2008): The 2008 rate of $7,995 includes:

  • 7-day, Sunday-to-Sunday Program
  • An entire week\'s program tailored to the individual
  • Personal Fitness Guide
  • Personalized program of treatments and personal services based on the advice of esthetician and guest\'s preferences
  • Accommodations, meals, variety of fitness classes and hiking, mind-body classes and activities, lectures, workshops, & evening programs
  • Gyms, pools, tennis court, trails
  • Individually tailored take-home program


Contact Information:

1-800-424-0777 (US Toll Free)
1-760-744-5777 (International)


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