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5-Factor Diet

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The 5-Factor Diet was created by Author and Fitness Trainer Harvey Pasternak, who has been linked with many celebrities such as; John Mayer, Jessica Simpson, Orlando Bloom, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and Halle Berry. Pasternak first wrote 5 Factor Fitness in 2004. He then updated and expanded the dietary portion into the 2007 release of The 5 Factor Diet.


The 5-Factor Diet gets its name from its simple formula: 5 meals a day, 5 workouts a week each made up of 5 exercises, and so on. In fact, the whole premise of this diet is based on 5\'s, right down to the number of ingredients in the recipes and how long they take to prepare - yup, you guessed it - five minutes.


5-Factor Diet and Fitness Program

5-week plan - This plan is designed to give you results in five weeks! And it\'s so easy and effective that you may naturally turn your five-week plan into a lifestyle (as many of Harley\'s personal clients tend to do).


5 meals a day - Say so long to hunger and cravings. By eating five 5-Factor meals every day, not only will you start losing weight but you\'ll feel less hungry throughout the day!


5-ingredient meals - Eating delicious and healthy meals doesn\'t have to be hard. Members get hundreds of recipes that use only five ingredients and take only five minutes to prepare.


25-minute workouts - Based on Harley\'s training experience, he believes that working out more often for shorter periods of time is more effective than spending hours at the gym. 


5 cheat days in 5 weeks - Taking a diet break one day a week can empower you. You should never feel as if you\'re in a diet prison! Plus, Harley believes that controlled cheating can actually help you reach your goals.


5-Factor Diet Guidelines

The 5 factor is based on eating small but frequent meals. Each meal should comprise:

  1. low-fat quality protein
  2. low- to moderate- glycemic index carbohydrate
  3. fiber
  4. healthy fat
  5. sugar-free beverage


According to the 5 Factor Diet, Sundays are a \"cheat day\" - essentially eating what you want. The book contains a few basic sample meal plans and a selection of recipes for each meal.


The 5-Factor Workout

The following variables are shifted every week: Type of exercise (strength training, cardiovascular, core movements), Repetitions, Sets, Resistance level, and Rest Periods.


Equipment: Only Dumbbells and a bench required.


Phases (Total 25 minutes)

  1. Cardio Warm-up - At 65-85% of maximum heart rate - for 5 minutes.
  2. Strength Training - Each day has two different exercises (superset). Sets, reps and rest are altered each week. This is actually meant to total 10 minutes.
  3. Core Exercises - This includes various crunches and twists - with varying rep, set, and rest ranges. For 5 minutes.
  4. Cardio - The cooldown. Author Pasternak believes this will help alleviated DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Minimum 5 minutes.


Cost - 5-Factor Diet Online

5-Factor Diet Online costs $5 a week, billed quarterly (every 13 weeks). You will be required to pay $65 at the time of registration and every 13 weeks thereafter. You may cancel at any time and receive a refund for the unused portion of your subscription, other than the minimum 5-week charge of $25, which is nonrefundable.

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