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Dr. Bernstein Diet Review

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A new diet plan that uses the help of registered nurses and requires regular doctor’s supervision and visits for progress reports, Dr. Bernstein’s diet plan promises dieters that they will lose 16-20 pounds each month if they do everything required of them and follow guidelines carefully. This diet programs uses a reduced calorie intake-eating plan combined with oral or injected vitamins such as Vitamin B12 shots. For dieters who need medical monitoring, the Dr. Bernstein diet works with nurses and regular doctor checkups to make sure the health of dieters maintain optimal levels.


The Dr. Bernstein Diet is more in-depth and detailed than other diets, which is geared to ensure the health of the dieter. Dieters are monitored for their well-being and safety. Prior to starting the program, patients undergo an extensive health exam and assessment during the first consultation. The doctor will also ask about the patient’s medical history. Once the initial consultation is completed, the dieter is oriented into the program. After that, he or she is evaluated, whereupon the dieter receives the diet handbook and suggested meal guide.


While on the program, the dieting individual must maintain nutritional guidelines offered in the guide in order to lose the amount of weight desired. A key element of Dr. Bernstein’s diet is the use of B6 and B12 vitamin injections, which are thought to help increase the body’s metabolic rate and burn fat. However, some people are concerned that by subjecting the body to such a high metabolic state for too long may have detrimental effects. No long-term studies done on what happens to the body after a long period of time on this diet.


Some pros of this program are that when done correctly, individuals may lose weight and reach targets of desired weight loss within a reasonable time. However, there are many cons to this diet plan as well. Aside from the expense, there is not much focus placed on exercise, since the injection supplements boost the metabolism and burn fat. This could pose a problem to dieters after the program is finished and they are in the maintenance phase due to the slowdown of the metabolism.


The Dr. Bernstein diet program is pricey when compared to other medically assisted diet programs. The initial consultation costs $315, while using the program for various weeks may cost anywhere from $160 for one week and up to $1123 for eight weeks. Once a dieter has entered the maintenance portion of the program, the fees change to a monthly charge, ranging from two months at $171 to $749 for a full year of service.

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