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The Full Plate Diet

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Among the many books currently donning today’s bookstore shelves in the diet and nutrition section is the Full Plate Diet. This book was recent released to mixed reviews. Typically speaking, the feedback it has received has included people who have been happy with their weight loss once they’ve figured out how to manage the complexity of the diet, or people who have given up because it was too challenging to incorporate into their lives.


Essentially, the main goal of the Full Plate Diet is to be able to give people the knowledge they need in order to easily and affordably achieve their target weight. It provides an approach to weight loss that involves three stages for including more fiber in a person’s diet so that a total of forty grams is consumed every day. The Full Plate Diet’s premise is that a low-calorie, high fiber diet can allow you to feel full after eating, ship affordably, and see the results you want.


The book is designed with a great deal of information as well as a large number of attractive, glossy pictures. These images demonstrate the visual appeal of the colorful, vibrant food suggestions for the people following the diet.


The book also caters to the emotional needs – specifically, motivation and interest – of the dieter, so that the efforts don’t become too overwhelming or vague. The descriptions of how to proceed with foods are exceptionally specific and self-quizzes and other tools allow the user to continue to take the next step forward.


That being said, in terms of exercising, the diet falls very short in the opinion of many doctors. Every healthy diet that will take weight off and keep it off requires that an increase in activity level be included as a part of the effort. However, the Full Plate Diet makes no specific mention of this crucial element except for a broad statement recommending that the reader move around more than they had been.


The Full Plate Diet has some potential for being very effective if combined with other instructions for weight loss that include proper activity levels. Furthermore, balancing the diet effectively so that food consumed not only focuses on fiber intake but also other important nutritional aspects can be key to safely getting the most out of this diet.


It should be noted that this is a diet very friendly to vegetarians and vegans as it does not place any focus on meat products – though those elements can be added as long as the fiber count is properly taken into account.

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