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La Jolla Weight Loss Program

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A weight loss center set in the beautiful city of La Jolla, California, the La Jolla Weight Loss Program offers support to those who need to lose large amounts of weight in a supervised setting. With its variety of tools, the La Jolla Weight Loss Program offers personal, one-on-one attention, or even an online supported program. Like many specialized management programs, the La Jolla Weight Loss Program gives each patient a tailored diet plan depending on lifestyle or health factors. Patients who suffer from medical issues such as diabetes, depression or heart disease are also able to find a customized plan in order to lose weight and regain their health.


In addition to a customized plan, the La Jolla Weight Loss Program also delves into behavior modification and emotional eating. Instead of a short term weight loss, the La Jolla program focuses on what causes people to become overweight or obese, how to change lifestyle and diet to drop the weight and how to prevent it from coming back by using diet, exercise and emotional changes to maintain weight loss and stay healthy.


The La Jolla Weight Loss Program offers several pros, including the fact that it integrates the science of weight gain into helping patients lose the weight. It is also customized, based on each individual, so no two plans are alike and able to deal with individual health issues and goals. In addition, other methods are used to treat or prevent obesity including Energy Psychology, Behavioral Modification, and even weight loss hypnosis.


Cons of the program include the fact that it is located in La Jolla, California, one hour north of San Diego. Those who are not in the area are not able to attend due to location. There is also a fee for undergoing the program, and while the program claims to work with any financial situation, there are some that may find most available payment options are not something they could afford at any time.


Since the program is completely tailored to each individual, it is up to the health center to designate a fee for participating in the program. As mentioned on the La Jolla Weight Loss Program’s website, a free consultation either over the phone or in their office is available to all first time customers, who will then be told details on program costs. The program is also willing to work with any financial situation, as well as low cost sessions that are made affordable to many people looking to lose weight. There are also a variety of sessions an individual may choose to complete, so pre-determined program fees are also able to take that into account.

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