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The Bonus Years Diet

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 If you have never heard of the bonus years diet, this is definitely one to pay attention to. Amidst all of the other diets out there that promote weight loss specifically, this is a diet that promotes longevity and better health. Sure you are going to lose weight if you follow this, but you are also going to enjoy a better quality of life. Who wouldn’t want that? When you think about the fact that this is not about deprivation, but rather giving your body what it really needs, then you recognize that this is a diet to follow and to take very seriously. So it may be necessary to forget everything you’ve learned about dieting and deprivation, and instead focus on eating the right foods in the right way to work towards better health overall.


What makes up the bonus years diet is the fact that it is focused on how to add over 6 years to your life. Sure you will lose weight if you follow this diet, but it’s not about that specifically. This is about eating the right foods that can add to your longevity and protect your health. There are seven foods that are considered to be the “miracle foods” and they have amazing power here for various reasons. Nuts, fish, vegetables, red wine, chocolate, fruits, and garlic are at the heart of what this diet is all about. Each of them offer unique health benefits and when combined in harmony, it’s simply amazing what they can do.


These Miracle Foods Pack a Powerful Nutritional Punch


At the heart of this diet is the understanding that there must be a healthy lifestyle present. This means practicing proper portion control, getting in exercise regularly, and learning to manage your stress properly and get plenty of rest. Add to that the foods that are believed to offer almost magical powers to your health. Each of these are good fats or have properties such as antiviral or heart health. Though you may not necessarily consider these foods to be important, with the bonus years diet it is believed that you should incorporate these into your diet each and every day.


This is not a diet that is about calorie counting or deprivation of any form. This does not promote eating from a certain food group or making yourself feel that you can’t enjoy eating. This is about eating the right foods each day and supporting your health with a truly balanced lifestyle. The miracle foods that make up the bonus years diet will not only help you to lose weight properly, but will work towards better health and longevity overall. This is how to truly take care of yourself and it all comes from proper nutrition!

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