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The Wysong Weight Loss Program, unlike most programs available, has as its primary goal education and personal empowerment. By learning the fundamentals of where humans are in the natural scheme of things, insight is gained as to why people become overweight, and why obesity has reached epidemic proportions. What to do to lose the weight becomes evident with this understanding, namely, return to nature.


Through putting the modern human experience and dietary patterns into historical context, the Wysong Weight Loss Program provides the participant with awareness of the pitfalls of modern society—food processing, grains, starches, sugars, refined oils, sedentary inside living—and the understanding to make sound, and genetically appropriate dietary/lifestyle decisions.


Excess weight and obesity are now epidemic. Prior to modern times, human populations were not plagued by weight problems and the associated ailments and diseases. What has changed? What is the problem?


Because this is a modern problem, certainly we must look first to our modern circumstances. The advent of grocery stores, fast food, restaurants, pizza deliveries and the like have made it far easier to procure foods than ever before in history. We have, in effect, conveniently cut out half of the subsistence equation – that being, the work associated with acquiring our foods! We have devised ways to cheat the natural, work = food arrangement.


Food is fuel. For eons humans have used the fuel (energy) from the foods they consume to power the next search for food. Sure, many past societies had food stores, but don’t forget just how active most of these individuals had to be in the other facets of their lives. Physical work and activity have long been unavoidable parts of the human experience – this is no longer necessarily the case.


Combine widespread inactivity with grain agriculture and the modern processing plant and the result is unnatural, carbohydrate and sugar laden foods. Humans are not designed for these fabricated foods. The result is the disturbed metabolism of obesity and the seeds for chronic degenerative diseases.


The solution, therefore, is to return to our genetic roots. That does not mean reducing the amount that is eaten, watching calories, avoiding fat, or changing brands of processed foods. It means understanding what our place in nature is and trying to live in tune with it.


The answer is not surgery or some special “diet,” but rather a change in lifestyle that makes activity commensurate with the reward (food), and seeking foods that we are genetically designed to eat.


Return to nature. You are genetically hard-wired to be lean, muscular and healthy. Don’t let modernity get in your way.

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