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Herpes Prevention Diet

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There are many types of herpes viruses that can be in the human body. Though most people think of genital herpes, there are also other types each person can have. Some cause nothing more than a cold sore once in a while, but that can still be extremely irritating. Some conditions are caused by different herpes strains like the chicken pox or shingles. There are medications to help with most types of herpes, but there are also some dietary changes a person can make to eliminate or at least control some herpes outbreaks.


Diet and Herpes

Some suggest that a diet that is high in lysine and lower in the amino acid called arginine can be effective in treating herpes or controlling outbreaks. Arginine may actually trigger an outbreak. Lysine, also an amino acid, can do the opposite and may help control outbreaks when medications are not working well or when a person wishes to try a more natural approach to controlling herpes and the outbreaks that come with having the virus in the body. Certain vitamin supplements are also recommended for those living with herpes.


Herpes Prevention Diet Foods

In order to strike the right balance, you have to eat the right foods. These include many things you should be eating as a part of a healthy diet anyway. Any diet should be rich in green vegetables, and this is no exception. Add some of the yellow ones as well, but do not overcook. Try to add as many fresh fruits as possible, but avoid the citrus variety. Whole grains are a great idea, and these are easy to get if you use whole grain breads. Also add legumes, garlic (preferably raw), seaweed, and shiitake mushrooms.


Foods to Avoid when following the Herpes Prevention Diet

Foods to avoid are also foods that many on a healthy diet avoid anyway. Stay away from peanuts and peanut butter, alcoholic beverages, processed meats like deli meat and bacon, chocolate, sodas and other soft drinks, all forms of coffee, sugar, foods that are fried when prepared, and white foods like flour and rice. It can be hard to remove these foods from the diet, and if you are struggling, work on a few at a time until you have your diet under control and you are better capable of making the right food choices.


Supplements for Herpes Prevention

Along with these dietary changes that may help suppress herpes, you also want add vitamins and minerals. Add vitamins B, C, and E, and zinc. The supplements licorice root and lysine may also be helpful. Red Marine Algae supplements have also been recommended for herpes treatment and prevention due to their ability to boost the immune system. Do not add any herbs to your diet unless you have talked with your doctor, as they can interact with any prescription medications that you may be taking for herpes or other conditions.


*** NOTE: Following a Herpes Prevention Diet does not cure herpes or stop it from spreading to other people. If you have the herpes virus take all the necessary precautions you need to keep from transmitting it to others.