What You Should Know about the New Activite Pop Fitness Tracker

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With the New Year, thousands of people feel determined to get back on the fitness track, and technology companies capitalize on the need for enhanced and tech-savvy solutions to help people out with monitoring and tracking their development toward their fitness goals. This year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) witnessed the launch of several new fitness trackers that earned critical acclaim and prominence for themselves. All of these gadgets, with a multitude of new and enhanced features at attractive prices, successfully convinced enthusiastic fitness lovers to adopt fitness tracking devices into their fitness regime.

Amongst these, Withings, which has been producing some of the best fitness trackers for a couple of years now, exhibited their latest activity tracker, the Activite Pop Fitness Tracker. This is a daily sleep and activity tracker, but in an unconventional manner. It is built like a common watch. However, it has internal smartphone-connected aspects of a comprehensive 24×7 activity tracker, which has the capability to track sleep and steps as well as running.

The most noteworthy aspect of the Activite Pop Fitness Tracker is the massive price drop from $450 to $149. The French company that provided us the previous version of the Activité Pop now offers the stylish analog smartwatch developed particularly for fitness tracking at an amazing price-tag. Similar to its more expensive version, the new smartwatch will track steps and sleep and has the ability to differentiate between running and swimming. It monitors the user’s sleep cycles and also has a vibrating motor, which provides subtle vibrations as a sleep alarm. In case you need to adjust time-zones, the watch automatically customizes itself.

The face of the Activite Pop Fitness Tracker is identical to the original Activité, as both versions feature a large analog clock. There is a second analog dial in the lower right corner for indicating how near you get to your desired daily goal, which can be anything—say, 5,000 steps. Not only does it look extremely fashionable to wear, but the watch is also buttonless, and all features are controlled by Withings' iOS app. However, a thing to note is that the Android version will not support the newest products launched by Withings, though this may be updated with time.

Again, it functions similarly to the previous version since it can count your steps as you run or walk. While it efficiently tracks whether you are swimming or running, the watch will record the log duration of every activity. With automatic sleep detection, the watch provides you valuable data about when you were in a heavy or light slumber.

Being waterproof to a depth of 30 meters, it offers a range that is undeniably more than what is offered by a majority of activity trackers available for the same purpose. Both versions use a standard watch battery, which is guaranteed to endure eight months of use prior to be replaced with a new one. Unless you tell people you are wearing an activity tracker, they will most probably not know it is anything but a fashion accessory.

The functionality may be the same for both the versions of Activite Pop. However, the actual differences that will urge and lure the consumers into buying this product are the new price label and appearance. The wearable technology employs PVD-coated metal and is available in three unique and distinctive colors, including pale tan, black, and blue.

Withings, which is known for launching health-conscious gadgets for fitness enthusiasts such as smart scales for evaluating body fat, has come up with yet another high-tech wearable technology to smarten up your bare wrist and your fitness workout.