The Best Fitness Gifts for Men This Holiday

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Splurging and bingeing on holidays is unavoidable. Knowing this makes buying holiday gifts for the men in your life easier. Buying them fitness gifts will ensure they have something new to use and get fit right after the holidays. The best part is that men also love shiny new gadgets that they can play with. Here is a list of some of the season’s best fitness gifts, which will be loved and appreciated by the man in your life while also helping him lose weight and get fit:


Kettlebells are all the rage these days. Due to the fact that the center of gravity for a kettlebell keeps changing, it proves more of a challenge as compared to the regular barbell and dumbbells. This is what makes kettlebells one of the best fitness gifts, which any man is sure to enjoy and utilize. Not only that, but they will also love to show it off to their friends at the gym.


Along with kettlebells, sandbags are a considerably newer approach to strength training. Due to the fact that the sandbag is only partially full, the shifting and moving sand inside it increases the challenge in any workout; extra strength is required in order to stabilize the bag and maintain your own balance. In other words, a sandbag activates and engages more muscles compared to a regular dumbbell workout. When buying a sandbag, make sure the bag’s grips are comfortable enough to work out for long durations. It should also be durable.

GPS Band

A man who is interested in keeping himself fit or who likes to collect gadgets understands the importance of a GPS band. A GPS band helps keep track of a person’s daily activity as well as his heart rate so that an accurate calorie burn is calculated. This band allows him to track all of his statistics and activities over the month and enter it into apps if he wants to. They also come in many different colors and styles, so you can go for one that would best suit the man for whom you are buying it.

Deck of Exercise Cards

A deck of exercise cards as a gift is an ingenious idea. Most people do not remember the workouts they need to perform when at the gym. This is why these cards, which hold within them the details for some of the best body exercises, help in remembering and performing the exercises correctly. The cards include arm, legs, butt, chest, and ab exercises, so you can use them on consecutive days. Any man would love and appreciate this deck of cards as a holiday gift.

Fitness gifts are always a great idea since one can never have enough fitness gadgets. Giving a holiday gift a man wants and needs will increase the satisfaction you derive from giving the gift as well as his excitement in receiving it. The list above therefore includes some of the best fitness gifts to give the men in your life for the holidays. If you want to go big, check out these fitness equipment reviews for some ideas.