How to Prevent Parkinson's Disease

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Trying to find ways to prevent Parkinson’s disease is critical because this can be a scary disease that tends to take over the life of those who suffer from it. Many health experts will tell you that little is known, however, in terms of preventing this disease. It is often a misunderstood and misdiagnosed health condition at first, so prevention becomes difficult to manage. Though there isn’t much known in the way of prevention, there are some measures you can take that may help. It’s important to know what to avoid and what to focus on, as this can help to make your body an unwelcome environment for Parkinson’s disease.

The first thing to do in terms of how to prevent Parkinson’s disease is to eat certain nutrients. This means that you want to maintain a healthy diet as part of an overall smart lifestyle. You should be focusing on a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, as that creates a strong body. Beyond that, though, you want to eat loads of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean proteins as a proactive measure. Then it’s time to add in good fats; the omega-3 fatty acid nutrient, with which certain foods are loaded, can be helpful as a measure to prevent Parkinson’s disease. Such foods include salmon and avocado, walnuts and almonds, flaxseed, and olive oil.

Proactive Measures Make a Difference

Recent studies have also found that drinking a significant amount of caffeine may help if you want to prevent Parkinson’s disease. This isn’t to say that you should go overboard, but drinking a few cups of coffee per day can help. In addition, green tea is an excellent source of caffeine that also offers key antioxidants. Drinking caffeine in this way, with a strong focus on green tea, can help tremendously. This is still debated amongst health experts, but there is some compound found within caffeine that may help in prevention. It’s well worth a try, and if nothing else you get some wonderful antioxidants that can only help to boost your health and your immune system.

When you think of how to prevent Parkinson’s disease, know that it also has much to do with what you need to avoid. It has been found that excess iron and manganese can be detrimental to your health in this capacity. You will also find that you want to avoid pesticides, which is especially important since you do want to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Be certain that you buy organic when you can and that you wash your produce well. Be sure to take vitamins, but don’t get take in much extra manganese or iron. All of these measures can certainly help in the way of prevention, so they are well worth trying for your own long-term health.