How to Safely Lose 2 Pounds Every Week

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If your intention is not only to lose the weight but to keep it off over the long term, then a slow but steady amount of fat loss should be your goal. This steady rate will teach your body to keep up the weight loss over time without causing it to rapidly climb back on again due to damage to the metabolic rate. Most doctors will agree that a rate of weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week is quite healthy, both increasing your odds of success and lowering your odds of failure.


The main way to achieve this goal is to apply more modern concepts to the age old requirement of burning more calories than you’re consuming. This will need to you to both change your eating habits and boost your exercise. The reason is that the average individual needs a calorie deficit of about 500 calories each day in order to lose one pound per week. To lose two pounds per week, a calorie deficit of 1,000 calories per day is the goal.


Although you may be inclined to try to slash your food intake by an exceptionally large amount, keep in mind that an ultra low calorie diet will slow your metabolism over time. So that strategy may seem to work at first, but then it will only slow down your rate of weight loss and make it far easier to regain the weight.


Therefore, you’ll need to exercise once or twice per day on top of your changes in diet in order to keep the pounds coming off at the rate you want. Just make sure you’re giving your body enough time to rest and that you don’t push yourself so hard that you cause an injury.

Try not to be too drastic about the way you go about introducing these features to your life. Instead, embrace them as a positive part of your lifestyle and use a nutrition and fitness tracking service such as ShareFit to keep track of all the calories you’re taking in and burning. This will help you to better understand the difference each of your choices are making.


To bring your weight loss up to the next level, you can also try an Adipex alternative product such as FENFAST 375, as all of its ingredients have been clinically researched. This diet pill gives your efforts even greater support than you’d have on your own.