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Does Alli Really Work?

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  • Does Alli Really Work?

    Does Alli really work? I understand it's contains Xenical, which used to be sold as a prescription medication, but the dose was halved to form Alli. So is half a dose good enough to have weight loss effects?

    Also, I have read some bad reviews about side-effects from this diet pill. Oily discharge? Gross! Does this really happen?

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    A Magic Bullet?

    If you take Alli and follow a sensible low-fat diet and exercise, you will lose 50 percent more weight than you would with diet and exercise alone. Instead of losing 10 pounds, a person who takes Alli will lose 15 pounds.


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      A friend of mine tried Alli and lost about 10 pounds on it in a month.
      But they dieted and exercised like crazy too. I think they could have achieved similar results without even using the Alli.

      And yes there were side effects that included the Oily discharge, which is enought to make me stay away from this product.



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        it works for some - do not for everyone.


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          There's no single pill that works for everyone. This one could work for me but not work for you, or the other way around. It does contain Xenical, but in a very low dose, so it's not the equivalent to the prescription-strength medications that your doctor might recommend.

          It does have some unpleasant possible side effects but that's because it's a fat blocker. Oily discharge can happen because if you eat fat and it's not absorbed, it has to leave your body somehow!

          You might find that an appetite suppressant - Phentramin D for example, if you want a nonprescription - is a better choice if you don't want gross side effects.
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            I used this and lost 8 pounds in a month and spent about the first week of that in the "little girl's room". I expected a bit more weight loss after going through all of that, but I guess the results were alright. I couldn't exercise as much as I wanted to because I was weak a lot. Dehydration was a serious battle for me.


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              I know this has the same "stuff" in it as Xenical, but does it really have enough to work? After all, a cup of decaf coffee still has a bit of caffeine in it, but not enough to keep me awake at night.


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