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    Hi everybody
    I am very fatty in teenage, and like to loose my weight. I heard about the phentramin d, for weight loss can anybody suggest, is it really affect or not.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would not recommend any diet pill for someone who is a teenager. Phentramin-d is a great product, but you should discuss a weight loss plan with your doctor before ordering any product.
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      I have met so many teenagers who desperately need to loss weight because of peer pressure. I suggest that before you use diet pills, read weight loss tips either in the internet or on your books first. Teenagers lose weight faster than early adults since their metabolism is faster and they have more activities.

      If you want some pieces of advice, go to your school clinic and ask you resident doctor.


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        hello Joseph Roces!

        How old are you exactly? and how much do you weigh? I recommend that you consult your guardian first about your plan on using diet pills as a weight loss regimen because the side effects can be too uncomfortable especially to teenagers. If you are beyond 18, you can directly go to your doctor or to your school nurse/physician in giving you advice on how to safely lose weight without giving up your health.

        There are plenty of weight loss plan available especially when you browse thru the internet. try the different types of exercise and diet plan first before proceeding with a more advanced way of losing pounds.

        anyway, if you are young and active, you shouldn't worry too much on losing weight it probably just baby fats. do not forget to consult your guardian and doctor and get back to us when you have made your decision so we can also give you support and motivation.


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