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  • OTC cold medicine

    Is it safe to take over-the-counter cold medicine with phentermine? Will the different medications cancel one another out or cause problems? I've got a head cold and feel terrible. I just want to take some antihistiamines and a cough suppressant.

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    Usually it tells you on the back of OTC medication products what you can and cannot take while using the product. That said, it never hurts to just run it by your pharmacist to make sure it's okay :)
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      I think it should be okay, too. I mean you can always do a bit of research to see if any of the ingredients conflict and asking your pharmacist is also a good idea, too. If you're really worried about it, ask your doctor. I mean, if you're on Phentermine, you should be seeing him on a regular basis, no?


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        I definitely wouldn't do this without first talking to a professional about it. It's really a bad idea to mix medications, regardless if they are over-the-counter or not. It's just not worth the risk. Either don't take them or talk to your doctor or pharmacist.


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