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    I also tried this diet pill. Xenical is a fat blocker so the way it works is that when it is in your stomach it binds with the fats you ate so that you do not absorb them and then those fats get eliminated from your body and not digested.

    Now the idea here is that you take Xenical with a balanced diet and exercise. If you eat something fatty, you will get an oily, leaky discharge. If you have to pass gas after eating something fatty, get ready to have to change your underwear. I am serious. Basically, you better make good food decisions or you will be punished with horrible leakage and oily bowel movements. You have to learn to eat healthy and THINK before you eat something. It trains your body into knowing what you should eat. If you eat something bad then it will go straight through you. I think it's more the scare of eating fatty foods that helps take the weight of then the actual diet pill itself. I think I lost some weight, maybe 10 lbs, but I stopped taking it because the "side effect" was just too much for me to bare. Like how are you supposed to go on dates or be intimate if you have to wear a diaper?
    It is also expensive at about $150 for 1 month...

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    I will be sure to stay from this diet pill! I could only imagine what would happen to me if I fell off the wagon and did one of my KFC stints
    I have so been there my friend and it ain't cute!


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      Xenicol tells its users to follow the American Heart Association diet, which only allows 30 per cent of calorie intake to come from fat. A significant percentage of the weight-loss associated with Xenical can likely be attributed to this strict diet.
      Exactly my point. It's the diet that helps with the weight loss not so much the pill itself.


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