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    I'm there more than one Proactol product? If so, which one should I be taking and what are the ingredients?

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    There is more than one proactoal product, but I think Proactol Plus is the one I'd personally try if you're looking for a fat binder. As far as I know it's active ingredient is prickly pear, which is a cactus. It's supposed to help bind fat, boost metabolism and even suppress appetite. It has been studied, but like most herbs that have been studied for weight loss, there is no proof that it is truly effective for helping a person to lose weight. Also, it can cause certain gastrointestinal side effects including constipation, loose stool, bloating and flatulence.


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      I would say proactol plus is best. These are the ingredients I found online:

      Calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate.
      Opuntia ficus-indica fiber complex.
      Microcrystalline cellulose.
      Magnesium mineral stearate

      If you research all of them, you should be able to find out how they are supposed to be beneficial for weight loss. Just remember that none of them have ever been proven to be weight loss aids and find out what their side effects are.


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        I'd recommend looking at which ones are available and easiest to obtain and then compare their ingredients to see which one looks best. It might be a lot of research but it's worth it if you're really concerned about what you're putting in your body.


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          The version of proactol that I've seen the most online is actually Proactol XS. It's ingredients are: 500mg chitosan (biopolymer N-acetyl-D-glucosamine and D-glucosamine) from Aspergillus niger mycelium.

          Keep in mind that those are only is active ingredients. I've never personally tried this fat binder, but based on it's ingredients, I don't really think it will work that well. Plus, if you have any allergy to shelfish you shouldn't take this because it contains chitosan.


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            Yeesh! I think I feel even more confused now than I was before... I think I'm going to look more into proactol plus. I'm not big on weight loss products that use chitosan. I don't believe in it.


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