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Spring cleaning for cardio and strength training!

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  • Spring cleaning for cardio and strength training!

    I am going to spring clean my house from top to bottom this year. Since I'm only doing it on weekends, I figure it could take a couple of months to do every single thing. Turns out, it counts as great workouts! I'm going to count these as exercise days, as long as I really do get moving. Washing windows? Definitely cardio and strength training!!!
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    Good idea. I'm more into yard work at this time of year - anything to get outside instead of being in the house - but that counts too. I have a lot of outside cleaning up and planting to do so that should be good and back breaking for some calorie burn!
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      Thanks for sharing


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        Starting this weekend. These are good to know. Might even motivate me to do more stuff than I usually would. I win and so does my house haha.


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          I've been cleaning out my basement and just moving everything around and going through boxes and storage means I have to toss my zip after about 10 minutes. I do get warm nearly right away so I agree that this is exercise with all the lifting and moving around (and trying not to fall over the mess!)


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