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    How quickly do you start seeing visual weigh loss once you begin reducing your calories and exercising? Two weeks? A Month? I'm looking for motivation.
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    I'd say you'd probably really start noticing a difference after a month, as long as you've been really committed to your routine. Also, you might be more likely to notice the difference in how your clothes fit before you actually start to see it in the mirror and on the scale to any degree. For me, this is always the sign that I'm on the right track. Losing water weight won't make a difference in your clothes, but losing fat will. :)


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      I agree, it's probably about a month or just under that you'll notice, as long as you're keeping up with your goals and are steadily losing.


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        If you're really paying close attention and you have stayed on track with your weight loss strategies, after a couple of weeks you should start noticing a small difference. That said, it really is about a month before you can really notice it.


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          Hi treehungertodd, I would probably say a month if only and only one is mindful of loosing weight as his/her goal


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