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  • Feeding tube for weight loss

    I've heard of fad diets, but for me, this one takes the cake...because it wouldn't fit in a tube...

    Yup, there are people who are limiting themselves to a feeding tube in order to lose weight!

    I'm horrified by this. It's not even people whose health is on the line. Brides and people who just want cosmetic weight loss are resorting to this.

    She’s about to tie the knot. But first, the tube diet - The Globe and Mail

    Feeding tube diet latest craze with brides looking for quick weight loss - Allentown Group Exercise |

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    I should be surprised about this, but don't think I am too much. Many brides are willing to go to virtually any lengths to try to achieve what they feel will be their best look. It's like as soon as someone proposes to them, they have a personality change. That must be why "Bridezilla" was created. It's not that the woman is a bad person, but planning for a wedding makes her completely nuts and willing to do things to herself and other people that she wouldn't usually do. It's a sickness.


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      It really makes me sad to see that people are doing this to themselves. It’s a clear statement that society has really lost a lot of its perspective. It’s bad enough that our fashion models are such tiny little rails and that the clothing looks more filled out when it’s on a hanger, but regular, everyday brides shouldn’t be preparing for one of the most meaningful days of their lives by starving themselves and using a feeding tube to get their weight down!

      I can’t imagine what I would say if I was in the bridal party of a woman who was choosing to do that to herself.


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        I can't believe that Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition is actually offering this "service". Yes, they're making a fortune from desperate brides who are out of their minds from a lack of sleep and pressure from everyone in their lives to look good, but $1500 for 10 days in which they lose a drastic 20 pounds is nuts! I didn't lose that much weight when I had e-coli poisoning. I'm not shocked that those articles say that it also comes with a "multitude of other side effects". I wouldn't like to think about the different types of health risk to which these brides are exposing themselves. Suddenly, the cabbage soup diet doesn't look so drastic haha


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          This is really sick. People need to get their heads screwed on right.
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            You're right. People are going to some extreme measures that really aren't necessary as long as you just take good care of yourself. If you're dedicated enough to get a feeding tube, then you're dedicated enough to stick to a healthy diet and exercise every day. The results are far better and safer and you'll look beautiful on your wedding day :)


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              Maybe it's time we all took a step back and had a look at what we're doing to ourselves in the name of being a beautiful bride.

              For some reason, we seem to think that when we get married, someone is going to come running out with a measuring tape and see how big we are around the waist, butt, etc.

              The truth is that one dress size isn't going to make any difference in the way that people see us or in our wedding photos. People just don't look at us that closely, and the ones that do are the ones whose opinions don't really matter, anyway.

              Nobody will ever look that closely at wedding photos, and the memories of the guests fade over time. Does anyone remember EXACTLY how a bride at a wedding looked? I've been to several weddings and I couldn't tell you precisely how they looked. I have a general idea, but not right down to the inch.


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