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Kids fighting back for diet

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  • Kids fighting back for diet

    I have been keeping up with the story about this little girl in Scotland who has been dissatisfied with the unhealthy lunches at her school. She started a blog with pictures of her cafeteria meals and they really were shameful.

    Her school board was enraged and she was banned from taking the photos for a while, but that's finally been lifted.

    The whole world is now paying attention to this one little 9 year old girl. She has a point. We need to start eating healthier earlier in life so that other people don't end up fat like me and dieting their whole lives to try to get slim again.

    New York Times article:

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    As a follow up, a lot of changes have been made as a result of this one little girl, and now parents around the world are starting to pay attention to what their own kids are getting from their school cafeterias.

    I think that this child has done a wonderful thing for herself and children around the world. It reminds me of what Jamie Oliver is doing, except that this wasn't for her career or for a television show, it was for her own health!


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      This is a great story. It's good that a child so young has taken such a positive action to fight for her own health. It's a shame that it had to come to that. I think it might be a good idea for kids to start to make their own lunches at home with their parents. That is a less expensive way to eat than having to purchase food at the cafeteria, and it makes sure that there is an opportunity to always eat healthy, nutritious, or even fun meals. There's nothing wrong with the occasional opportunity to eat the fries in the cafeteria, but there's no need to eat them every day.


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        I too think it's amazing that a child that young has made such an impact. I bet her parents at home eat very healthy and that is why she is so educated about food. I think it has to start at home with the parents. They are the ones who need to be educated so that they can teach their kids how to make healthy choices in regards to food, and life. Kudos to these parents.


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