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    I was reading a trash mag and found out that to play Catwoman (Batman) and Fantine (Les Miserables), Anne Hathaway ate only radishes and hummus for a multi day detox (at least 6) and then kept up only 500 calories per day and went to the gym most days for 10 months and lost a ton of weight and got super fit.

    She didn't complain about feeling faint or anything like that, only that her skin broke out a lot. Has anyone else tried anything like that? Would the weight be easy to maintain once it was off, if you return to a regular healthy diet?

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    Even if you manage without all the trainers/dieticians and whatever else she probably had to help her out, you still probably wouldn't be able to lose all that weight on a diet like that, and then if you did, it'll come flying back when you go back to living normally. You'll slow down your metabolism a huge amount because it'll go into starvation mode. So once you start eating normally again, you'll actually gain weight even faster than you usually would!


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      I don't trust any diets that say that I'm going to lose weight super fast. After all, it's only unhealthy to do it that way, and once it's gone, you'll just put it all back on again because your body won't be used to eating food.

      Just do it gradually so that you will know that you can keep it off once it's gone. As long as you continue to lose weight, then you're still making progress, and it's still good.


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        if you want really fast weight loss but don't want to be unhealthy about it, just stop eating meat. Eat other proteins and make sure you get healthy fats, but red meats especially could be holding you back.


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          Cut back on all of these foods

          Diet Sodas
          Those who drink diet sodas often are more likely to be overweight and develop diabetes.

          White Pasta
          it's low in fiber and nutrients. Choose whole-grain versions most often.

          Energy drinks and Bars
          They contain added sugars (empty calories) so scale back.

          A single ounce has 160 calories. Limit yourself to that much (and choose dark varieties) per day.


          Weight Loss Products