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money helps you lose more weight

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  • money helps you lose more weight

    I was just reading the news and saw that there is a harvard study that showed that people will lose more weight when they will be rewarded with money. Is there anything that money won't motivate us to do? Haha

    Can you imagine that you may struggle to diet to save your own health and/or appearance but you would be successful in doing it if it meant that you'd earn a few extra dollars? Honestly? I can believe it

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    I can really see how that would be the case. I've heard of other techniques that use money as an incentive to get people to lose weight.

    In fact, there was a program somewhere in the middle east a short while ago (maybe in Kuwait?) where the government was giving out gold to people who lost a certain amount of weight within the month that the program was running!


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      I wish someone would pay me to lose weight! I know that I'd be a lot more motivated to lose if I was receiving money for it instead of spending money on it! Especially so that I'll be able to afford way better clothes once I'm thin!


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        Isn't that funny that we'll lose weight if we're paid to do it but if we are paying for a product or a diet plan then we're not as motivated?

        Sometimes I can't believe how stupid I am. After all, isn't it the same thing, pretty much? Either you're spending money and making it worthwhile or you're receiving money. That doesn't make sense that I should find one more motivational than the other but it totally is!


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          Maybe that's the trick. Instead of selling us products, diet programs should just have us sign up and take our money for the program. Then, depending on how much we lose, we should get some of it back. The amount we lose says how much money we get back. It's our own money, but I bet we'd fight hard for it haha


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