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Jennifer Hudson leaving Weight Watchers!

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  • Jennifer Hudson leaving Weight Watchers!

    Awww I'm so sad that Jennifer Hudson is leaving weight watchers. She was a great spokesperson. She really showed that you could get the weight off and keep it off through that program.

    I just read an article (Jennifer Hudson Leaves Weight Watchers After 80lb Weight Loss! | that showed that she lost 80 pounds on that program. That's really great work!

    I don't know why I always feel a bigger connection with Weight Watchers because of their celebrity spokespeople, but I really do. It doesn't seem to work for me for other diets. For them, I just think that they're getting a celebrity because their results don't speak for themselves. But somehow with Weight Watchers it always seems like it just helps me to build a connection with the program which, IMO, is one of the better ones. I guess it's just marketing well done!

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    Aww shoot I'm actually sad to see her go. It's not that I am really a huge fan of weight watchers commercials or anything but it's always nice when the ads on tv are with good people who have genuinely done a good job. She has lost a lot of weight and looks fantastic. she should be so proud of herself. WW couldn't have asked for a better spokesperson to represent them and show how their program really works and that you can keep the weight form coming back even after a lot of time has passed.


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      I just read this post last night and I was watching a show online earlier today and blam, there was Jessica Simpson as the new rep for Weight Watchers. Looks like she's taking over. I'm not really sure that women would be able to relate to her quite as much as they have been able to relate to Jennifer Hudson, Valerie whatshername and Kirstie Alley. They all just seem like real people whereas I think of Jessica Simpson as someone who shouldn't struggle too much to lose weight. I could be entirely wrong. I don't actually know very much about JS. It's just an impression that I get about her.


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        I think as long as the person loses weight and keeps it off with the program it doesn't matter who it is


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          I'd like to say that it didn't matter who was on the commercials and that I would find it just as reputable if an unknown person was the spokesperson as I would if there was a celebrity, but I know myself and I know that if they find the right celebrity - someone I trust and that I think is attractive - then I will be convinced about the program a lot easier. I know that it's stupid, but at the same time, it's the truth. We hear so much about some celebrities that we feel that we know them. And the "good guys" seem to be able to sway us to buy more.


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