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  • Chef Graham Elliot weight loss

    I know he did it with surgery, but that was just the start. The guy’s done a 10k marathon and now he is aiming to do a full one! Good for him!

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    I never used to have all that much respect for Graham Elliot. He has a good pallet, but other than that he didn't give off the impression of having all that much drive or doing much. Boy was I wrong!

    That guy has knocked it out of the park with weight loss. He got the surgery and used it for everything that it was worth. I still think that surgery is a last resort, but if this was that guys last resort, then way to go Graham Elliot!

    He's gone above and beyond. I've been dieting my butt off and I sure can't say that I am able to run a 10k marathon (that's 6 miles!). I'd be lucky if I could run 1 mile! So he's really awesome. Great job. Very inspirational.


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      I just finished watching his cooking tv show today and I know what you're talking about now. Holy cow what a difference. I bet he's lost a lot of weight since the filming of the show, too. I'd be curious to know how he looks now. What a great job he's doing. That's had to be very hard on him so it's very good that he's so determined. He should be proud of himself and glad that he's doing what he can for his health.


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        I wonder if he will find it difficult to keep up with things while he's filming his show since he needs to taste so many foods and he doesn't have any control over what is put in front of him. That could make things challenging for him. It would for me!


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          How much does he have left to lose? It's funny that he looks so skinny now compared to the way that he used to be, but he's still a big enough guy. Does he have to go a lot further? He's doing an amazing job!


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