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    If you really want to get the most out of your diet, go to the farmer’s market whenever you can. So much of what you will buy will be really full of nutrition and fiber but it won’t be high in calories and fats. Just make sure that when you buy things, you’re not buying the pies and baked goods. Focus on the produce that was just picked the night before or even that morning. You’ll be shocked at how awesome it tastes. Way better thant the store.
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    I think that anything that you can get that is a fruit or vegetable that is really fresh is a good idea. I also get my bread from a farmer's market because I get it made fresh that morning with only whole grains. The ingredients are all natural and very simple (I can pronounce all of them LOL).

    As long as it is something that is grown (not something that is actually made - pies don't count as fruit LOL) then you really can't go wrong. Get a little bit of lots of things so that you're stuffing yourself with variety when it comes to low cal, high nutrition foods. Everything tastes fantastic but you'll be doing your health and weight a huge favor.


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      Some of the best things that I like to get while I'm at the farmer’s market is organic foods. I like to get them there because they’re often so much cheaper than they are at the grocery store and at the same time, they’re a lot tastier, too just simply because they’re fresher.

      One of the best things, though, that you can get from a farmer’s market isn’t necessarily what you buy. Talk to the farmer when you shop there. Don’t just buy the product and leave as though you’re at the checkout counter at the grocery store. You need to talk about how to best prepare it. It is shocking how much you can learn just by talking to the farmer who grows it. I have learned a LOT about baking squash and gourds. I find that it’s a great way to learn about what other foods pair well with things, too.


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        I have to agree with cujo1992 that there is a lot of valuable information to take away from a farmer’s market just by talking to the actual people who have been growing the produce or baking their breads and all that.

        I think that the next best thing that you can do is get a mix of things that need to be used up quickly but also some that will last a little bit longer. Where I live, there is only a farmer’s market on Saturday’s. It’s not there every day of the week. So I do get things like blueberries. But they will only last for a few days, not the whole week. So I also make sure that I get things like cauliflower and other veggies like that, that I know are going to keep until the next farmer’s market.


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          Get lots of greens at the farmer's market. They taste way better when they're fresh and have more nutrients in them. it will make it easier to eat tons of salads without getting bored taste buds. I often enjoy them enough that I don't need any dressing.
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