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Potato extract for weight loss

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  • Potato extract for weight loss

    I’ve been reading up on articles that say that researchers have found that potato extract is key for weight loss if you want to take a supplement of something natural. Anyone else hear that? If so? Anyone try that successfully?

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    You’re right. I looked it up and there are a lot of articles being put out on the study that has shown that there is a lot of evidence in that study that says that using potato extract can help people to lose weight more effectively.

    Every time there is another good quality study that actually proves that a certain ingredient can work I feel relieved because now there are a good handful. By bringing those together, it could one day lead to an actual very good quality diet pill. There are a few out there now that are promising or that can help in different ways but as soon as there is a way to really bring the great ingredients together then it will mean that there will be the kind of solution that can work for nearly everyone and that can make a real dent in the obesity problem around the world.


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      I thought potatoes were supposed to be bad for weight loss


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        Is potato extract somethign that you can actually get from eating an actual potato or is that something tha tyou can only get in the form of a supplement? If it's only a supplement does anyone know where you can actually get them or are they not for sale yet?
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          I know that the study was conducted on potato extract, so it's definitely something specific from potatoes that is helping with weight loss, but the potato, itself, is coming back into fashion.

          A lot of discoveries are being made about it that are showing that it really isn't bad for you at all. After all of these years when people have told us not to eat potatoes and to avoid them because they don't have enough nutrients or they will make us fat, we're now finding that they can be considered to be a health food as long as you just prepare them right. Obviously, french fries that are deep fried aren't going to do you any favors, but some preparations of potatoes really will!


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            Originally posted by doubletaurus
            bigbobby, potatoes are not bad for weight loss--it's how the potatoes are prepared. In other words, if you add butter, sour cream, cheese, and things like that, then yes, they won't be good for weight loss. Plain potatoes don't have any fat, so possibly baking or boiling them, then adding some kind of seasoning and perhaps a little salt will be okay.
            Thanks for clearing that up. I had always heard that they weren't the best food for losing weight, but what you said makes a lot of sense. There is definitely a big difference in baking and boiling a potato than cooking them in a bunch of oil or deep frying them in grease!


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