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Weight loss surgery better than drugs for obese patients with diabetes

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  • Weight loss surgery better than drugs for obese patients with diabetes

    Hi everyone. I recently came across this interesting study that discovered for obese patients with diabetes, treating them with weight loss surgery as oppose to weight loss drugs had a better outcome. In fact, the study found that in some people, 5 years after the surgery they were diabetes-free! Personally I find this to be very promising. What do the rest of you think? I included the link below for anyone who wants to check out the study.

    New Study Identifies Weight Loss Surgery Better Than Drugs for Obese Patients With Diabetes | Pioneer News

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    Really? That's quite fascinating. I wonder why the surgery works better for people who are obese and have diabetes compared to diet drugs? Is it just that the diet drugs don't work on them?


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      This is just a guess but I bet the drugs don't work as well because they don't work as quickly. Since the patience have diabetes due to obesity, by giving them weight loss surgery, fat is dramatically reduced and this can help take away the problem. They would likely only continue to improve as long as they maintain a healthy weight, which may be more possible for them after having weight loss surgery.


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        Is this just good for people with diabetes, or is weight loss surgery better in general for people who are obese? I mean, I get that the study is talking about how the surgery helps patients who were obese to reverse their diabetes a few years following the surgery, but is this a better method for anyone over diet drugs?


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          Based on the study it sounds like it's the best option for people with diabetes related to obesity. That said, I imagine it might be a help for obese individuals who are at a high-risk for diabetes, as well.


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