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    Hey, has anyone else seen the More To Love tv show, a plus-sized reality dating show where they have a group of overweight women fighting for the love of one guy. I ended the show feeling pretty sorry for all the women because they all have such bad self-esteem. I'm sure the show picked them for that trait, amongst others. Even still, I found it to be rather misleading. People watching the show, guys in particular, are going to think that all fat girls want is someone to love them and they will take anyone who will do that. That was the impression I got anyway. Despite this, the show did get my attention and I have tevo'd the next episode .

    Did you see the show? What did you think? Is it a good concept?
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    Oh yes, I did see that show. Did you see the story on Yahoo News yesterday all these new TV shows with overweight people. Apparently there is some concern that having more shows with overweight characters will make being heavy an "accepted" thing. Seems so weird to me. We're always screaming about how media uses people who are too thin, and now we're screaming that the people are too fat. Wow, tough croud to please.

    I didn't really like the show, More to Love, by the way. Some of the women really bugged me. Like the one - I think she's the school teacher - who couldn't stop talking about how crushed she was on that guy. Good grief. I have it tevo'd too, lol.
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      Re : More To Love TV Show

      I see this show but i don't like this too much pretty. Watching too much TV its bad for our body as well as health.



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        It was not so much entertaining.....


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