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Research shows armband helps weight loss

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  • Research shows armband helps weight loss

    A recent study's results have just been published and they've shown that an armband effectively helps you to change your habits and lose weight faster.

    The article I read was called "New Study in Obesity Journal Finds Armband System Boosts Weight Loss Efforts"

    It studied a product called the BodyMedia Armband, which works as a pedometer, calorie counter, physical activity monitor, goal tracker etc etc. It turns out, when we track ourselves by wearing the device, we're more likely to stick to the diet!

    If I didn't think we were slaves to technology before, I do now haha. But that said, it looks like it could be a handy device. I'd rather an arm band than the lap band after all.

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    That actually makes sense to me. If you're monitoring yourself in a convenient way, continually, you're more likely to keep up with it.


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      This is interesting to know. I wonder if the armband is any more effective than a mobile phone app, for example, if you just always kept your cell phone on you. Is it something to do with that particular device or is it something ot do with always monitoring yourself on several different levels on a single convenient device?


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        This is interesting. It sounds like the people who made the armband have tapped in to the problem about how much of a pain it is to try to keep a dieting diary on paper or by typing it out on a traditional computer. When you have the armband, it's right there attached to you, so you have part of the job done automatically.

        Yet another example of a device that will change our lives. I'll just add it to the pile with my mp3 player, gps, cell phone...etc...etc...LOL


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