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Tricks for getting over insomnia naturally

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  • Tricks for getting over insomnia naturally

    I'm going through a really bad patch of sleeplessness and I've tried different things to help me get over it, but it's like my mind won't shut off when I'm in bed. It's driving me crazy! All tips welcome, the only thing I don't want to do is take prescription medications. I don't trust those.

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    There are many things you can do to get over your insomnia naturally

    Here are some of them:

    1. Exercise ? achieving a good night sleep is easy when you're tired after a good workout
    2. Eat healthy foods ? incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet
    3. Avoid using gadgets before sleeping ? this is one of the reasons why people suffer from insomnia

    Good luck bud!


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      Keep up a very regular sleeping routine and it helps a lot. Have a bedtime and a waking time that you stick to every day. It takes some time, but your body really will set its clock and will help you to sleep regularly. The challenge is to also do it on weekends.


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