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Realistic practical steps to weight loss

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  • Realistic practical steps to weight loss

    If you really want to lose weight you need very practical steps, not extreme ones
    1- Eat healthy most of the times
    2- Treat yourself on occasion
    3- Exercise every day in some way
    4- Keep yourself hydrated
    5- Be positive and smile more.

    By sticking to this kind of plan, you will be able to lose weight steadily, feel great, and boost your self confidence in a huge way. It is the best way to feel great.

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    I like #5. Good idea!


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      I think that fitting in exercise wherever you can is one of the best things that I’m doing for myself. I’ve made a rule that anything within five blocks of my house is too close for me to drive. Unless I have to transport something extremely heavy, I must walk to that place.


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        #4, keeping hydrated, is one of the most important lessons I ever learned.

        I never realized that it isn’t just so that yoru body will burn more fat. But you feel more full all the time when you keep sipping water. Water is an appetite suppressant!


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          Point 1 is very important because of the way you worded it. You said that you need to eat healthy MOST of the time, and not all of the time. By saying that you don’t always need to eat healthy it gives you some wiggle room to enjoy the things that you love without feeling guilty as long as you’re eating what you should be eating the majority of the time.


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