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My doctor gave me so much info!

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  • My doctor gave me so much info!

    You know how all pills and supplements and programs and books and all that always have a disclaimer telling you to talk to your doctor before trying to lose weight or change what you eat or your exercise? I finally took that to heart and did a telehealth call with my doc. I got so so so many weight loss resources that are really helpful I really recommend actually talking to your doc the next time you want to actually get to your goal. I was expecting the same old boring cookie cutter "count your calories and watch what you eat" stuff, but she gave me these great ideas and online resources that are all free. Even recommended a book that is at my library and I downloaded it already. Makes a big difference in knowing what resources are available to you, everyone. Really, have a talk with your doc. Turns out all that medical school and real life medical experience does give them a lot of knowledge - real-life practical knowledge.

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    Is there any of it you could share? I'd love to know what you learned.
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