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What are some signs that you're not getting the proper nutrients?

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  • What are some signs that you're not getting the proper nutrients?

    I'm curious about something. How would I know if I'm not getting the proper nutrients in my diet? Will I feel certain physical symptoms that should give me a headsup that I need to change my diet or is it not that obvious?

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    Hmmm...depends on how nutrient deficient you are and what nutrients you are deficient in. If I had to list just general overall symptoms off the top of my head, I would guess you might feel hungry more than normal, tired, irritable, headache...that sort of thing. But again, it all depends.


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      I agree with jan. The type of symptom you might experience typically has to do with what nutrient(s) you're lacking in. Typically though it would be something like fatigue, not dealing as well with stress, headache, hunger, irritability, more prone to getting sick (catching cold and flus due to a compromised immune system, etc.
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        There are blood tests for that. They will tell you a lot of the nutrients you have just fine and many that you're not balanced in. They're not cheap but they are covered by a lot of insurance if I'm not wrong.


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