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Non-alcohol drinks without lots of sugar?

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  • Non-alcohol drinks without lots of sugar?

    Do non-alcohol drinks exist that don't just replace the alcohol with tons of ingredients full of sugar? I'm trying to cut back this summer so I'll have one regular drink but then switch to mocktails for the rest of an evening. But alI can find is recipes full of juices and syrups. Is there anything else?
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    I'm getting into these this year too! I think my favorite so far, and the one that seems the most like the original that has alcohol in it, is seltzer water, lime juice, mashed mint leaves and crushed ice. It makes a drink that is super close to a mojito and you can drink tons and tons of it without having many calories, plus it will help to hydrate you. Absolutely full of flavor, but nearly no calories or sugar.


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      Go for a flavored seltzer water like lacroix or one of those, then add whatever fruit slice you want with crushed ice. Instantly feels like a cocktail!


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        Are no-alcohol beers high in calories? I'd have thought that removing the alcohol would take out a lot of the calories too.


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