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  • All stop for this year

    I've decided I'm going to cool it with the B&A photos for this year. I don't want to give myself any more reasons to feel bad about myself or feel guilty about what I am and am not doing and then have pictures to remind me of an unhappy time in my life. I know we're not all in the same headspace right now, and some of us aren't as badly effected as others, so obviously do what's right for you, but for those who feel like me and are having a hard time with all the negativity, I say take it easy, be kind to yourself and get back on track in the coming months when you're ready.

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    Agreed. Don't do anything that makes you feel unhappy, no matter how much you might want to do it. Save challenges for a time when you're ready for them.
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      Yeah...I don't think I can take one more unhappy thing. I'm going to be headed on vacation (a stay-cation to be clear) and during that time I'm just going to do what I want and what makes me happy. I hope everyone can find a little happy right now in whatever way that they can. Virtual *hugs* to all.


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        I'm glad you agree. Although I still don't intend to take pictures for a while, I have actually made some healthy changes to my diet and exercise that have been making me feel motivated and happy. For now, I'm happy just stepping on the scale each week. I don't need any other form of tracking right now.


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