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Don't force yourself to feel what you don't feel

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  • Don't force yourself to feel what you don't feel

    Nothing bothers me more than when a person tells someone to put a smile on their face and be happy, when happy is the farthest thing you feel in a certain moment. If you're angry, sad, afraid, or any other negative emotion, it's really hard to shut off this negative feeling and switch on genuine happy. Faking happy just doesn't work. You can't fake happy and magically become happy. In my experience, it's far better to allow yourself to recognize the negative emotion you're feeling, accept it, realize it's okay to feel this way (no matter if there is justification for it or not), and you'll naturally overcome it a lot faster and be able to move on to a more positive mindset, once you're in the right mood for it.

    The whole point to my rant is that when you are feeling discouraged about your weight loss efforts, it's okay to feel discouraged and sad, upset, down in the dumps, etc. Allow yourself to feel and go through the motions you're feeling. Recognize that they are valid, they are normal, accept them and remember that they will pass eventually. If you try too hard to be happy, the positive energy you're trying to force on yourself could have a very different and negative effect. It's okay to unhappy sometimes.

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