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Accept that change is a natural pat of weight loss

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  • Accept that change is a natural pat of weight loss

    Weight loss, true, honest, healthy, long-term weight loss, cannot be achieved without making a significant and permanent lifestyle change of some kind. You will need to watch the number of calories you eat, which usually means making changes to your diet and activity level. You need to accept and embrace these changes. After all, if you want to look and feel different, you can't stay the same, otherwise, nothing will be different. Remember, this is a positive change and when you're used to it, it will be as comfortable as the choices you make now. Give yourself time to adapt and remember that for most of us, when establishing a new routine and a new way of life, often it gets harder before it gets easier.

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    This is very true. I think most of us don't realize how significant and difficult this change can be until we're faced with it for the long haul. It's easy to keep up with something new for a week or two...but after a while it starts to get frustrating, especially when you get into a bit of a rut and you see that other people are eating things you want but can't have...ugh. It really is a hard thing, but you're right. You got to be willing to change or you'll never truly keep off any weight you lose for any long period of time.


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