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Holding yourself accountable

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  • Holding yourself accountable

    I know that having goals is important to achieving long-term weight loss. However, what are some good and easy ways to make sure I keep myself accountable. I always have good intentions when it comes to goals but they end up falling flat. Suggestions?

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    Here are a few tips:

    - Don't make your goals to unreachable. Start small and gradually increase your expectations as you become more and more committed to staying on target.
    - Make the right choice more often than not. You wouldn't let your kid get away with breaking rules, so don't give yourself a pass either.
    - Distract yourself with an activity you like when you are struggling to avoid seconds, eat that bad food, etc.
    - Keep things fun
    - Get proper rest. Having the right amount of sleep makes a huge difference on how well you do and your positive mood


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      Thanks for all the tips CuJo1992! A good idea might be to distract myself with something else. It's true that when you get your mind off something you can often forget about it. :)


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