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  • Short term or long term

    the one thing that has really confused me about the Atkins Diet is whether or not it is a short term plan or if it is one that is meant to be followed for the long term? Is this diet one that you can realistically adopt as a lifestyle to lose and manage weight?

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    I always thought this was a lifestyle diet. I'm pretty sure its designed to teach you how to eat permanently.


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      I agree with Anne. I think this is a long-term diet.


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        It's a long term diet but I can understand why you might think it is a short term one if you've experienced friends who have been on it (like I have) and who only followed it for a little bit before they decided they didn't want to do it anymore haha.

        But yeah, it's designed to be effective for the long term. It's important that you actually follow it as directed, however. That said, you may also find that you don't like the diet as much as you thought you would and might quit it.


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          It's meant for the long term but most people I've known who tried it only stayed on it for a short time.
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            Thanks for all your feedback. I guess if it's a long term diet but lots of people quit it it's not a practical long term diet then?


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