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  • Doing Great on LA Weight Loss

    Does anyone need need to lose a large amount of weight like me? (11 down in one week and 89 to go) .....I need a weight loss buddy who also needs to lose a lot. I can't relate to the people who only need to lose 10 lbs.

    LA Weight Loss is definitely the fastest way for large loses. This is actually my 3rd time losing with LA.........Next I have to master "keeping it off"

    The reason why is because you never hit a plateau on LA. 5-times during the plan, I change color-plans.
    Red Plus
    The colors depend on your gender, health and activity levels.

    You body never gets used to the same diet long enough to hit a plateau. But if you should hit one, they have 2-day plateau-breaker plans to intercept with. No plateaus gets you much faster weight loss.
    They closed the weight loss centers though, but I remember the ropes from the other two times I went, so I just picked up an emailed copy of each color plan and all the other info sheets from ebay, and started on my own for $9.
    It beats the $300. the center used to charge me.
    I buy Chocolate Luna bars in place of the LA Lites, and it works the same.

    Is anyone else here doing LA Weight Loss ?

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    HI there id love to do this program. can you post the name of the person you got the color books and information from. i have about 40-45 pounds to lose and would love to get a copy for that cheap. thanks talk soon


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      hey, i'd like to know this too. sounds like a pretty good program.


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        I learned from the internet that the LA Weight Loss program actually features a line of food supplements and some weight loss enhancers to help clients achieve their desired weight faster. these food supplements and weight loss enhancers are made especially for LA Weight Loss program clients only. It is incorporated with counseling from private weigh-ins to monitor each phase of the program. The clients may eat regular food as long as he or she consults with his trainer. It has 3 phases namely:

        weight loss phase- Clients must only consume around 1,000 to 2,000 calories a day to lose weight.

        stabilization phase-Wherein counselors try to make the weight loss gradual and to help prevent the risk of binging. The goal is to create a healthy lifestyle suitable for the client.

        Counseling phase- since weight loss is a lifetime journey, Counselors must always see to it that you are in line with the goal of maintaining a fit and healthy body. Regular consultations are arranged so that your weight will be monitored by these diet professionals.


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          This is very interesting! I had automatically discounted the LA weight loss diet because, to me, it just sounded like someone saying "it's the diet all the hollywood stars use". It's good to hear that there's something to this. I'm going to look into it more! Thanks!


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