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  • green tea supplement

    how much green tea needs to be in a supplement to help weight loss?
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    I think I read that it has to be 250mg or more, but I'm not 100% certain.


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      The amount of green tea that you need in a supplement probably depends on what other ingredients you have combined in with it. I haven't seen a supplement that says that its only ingredient is green tea (though there could be one out there, who knows). Sometimes they combine with other things so you might need more or less green tea to work with those. For example, since there is already caffeine in green tea, you probably don't want to go with a pill that has more caffeine in it on top of that.


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        Originally posted by BigBen
        A lot! I think you need to drink like 5 cups ++ of it a day at least to help with weight loss so I can only imagine how much they need to put in a supplement.
        I've heard the exact same thing. If you don't take it in a supplement, you'd have to drink green tea all day long, one after the other, to come even close to the amount you'd need for any impact.

        If you want to take the green tea route, you're really better off using a good supplement.


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          Green tea is taken without milk; this increases absorption of the bioflavonoids, as it is thought that milk interferes with their absorption by the body.


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            Green tea is the best diet supplement; basically experts are used to suggest for using green tea in diet plan to reduce extra amount of fats.


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