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  • Fiber 35 Diet

    What is this diet and will it help me increase my fiber intake without requiring me to make a lot of weird changes or major food sacrifices?
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    I think this is an older trendy diet. I think it focuses on getting you 35 grams of fiber into your diet a day. While this is a good plan, the diet itself isn't easy to follow for most people and has phases, the first two of which I think are pretty restrictive. In my opinion, this is a diet that looks good on paper but is impractical for the average person to realistically work into their lifestyle.


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      It's a good diet because it does force you to eat more fiber because most Americans don't come close to eating the recommended amount of fiber in a day, which is really bad for our bodies. That said, as Chefmel said, the major issue with this diet is the fact that it's a little too strict so this makes it unrealistic to really be great. It doesn't matter how great any diet is in theory. If the average person has a hard time doing it and maintaining it, then it's a fail in my opinion.


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