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  • Immune system diet

    Is there such thing as a diet that will help your weight but that will also give you a stronger immune system? That appeals to me right now for obvious reasons.

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    Yes! It's not a formal diet, but there are strategies that are meant to help you eat right with boosting your immune system health at the same time. They involve lots of antioxidants, nutrients, healthy fats and so on.


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      Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and oily fish. Whole grains, too. Those all have lots of nutrients that your immune system needs to work right. It's good for heart health and overall health too.
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        Eat lots of whole grains and don't do any extreme diets. Supplement it with IMMUNZ if you think you're not getting enough of what you need. Other than that, you should be getting everything for your body to fight off illness. Minimize the junk food you eat and you'll be doing yourself a favor. Everything else is up to your body and your luck!
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          Eat a ton of vegetables. Make them cover at least half your plate at each meal. Cut back on sugar. If you can get rid of added sugars as much as possible, do that. Drink water. Lots and lots of it. That's the key.


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