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What is a food diary and does it help you to lose weight?

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  • What is a food diary and does it help you to lose weight?

    I was wondering if anyone could explain to me what a food diary is.

    I'm still finding it hard to exercise because of my weight, but I'm trying to change what I eat.

    This is what I had yesterday - that I can remember...

    1 Sausage McGriddle with Hashbrowns
    1 Bacon McMuffin
    3 cups of coffee with Fat Free International Delight

    2 Bowls of cheesies
    1 apple

    Chicken Oriental salad from Wendy's

    1 zero chocolate bar
    1 bag of gummy worms

    2 beef burritos
    6 chicken nuggets with dipping sauce

    1 bowl potato chips

    So believe it or not, this was a good day for me. If someone could direct me on how to start keeping better track of what I eat, the calories, etc. though that would be great.

    Hey cool! According to the basal metabolic rate calculator,, I burn 3172 calories a day.

    Cheers, Jimmy

    (12 gone - 195 to go)

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    Re: What is a food diary and does it help you to lose weight?

    Hey Jimmy...way to go on your awesome weight loss so far. yeah!! :D

    to start with, a food diary, or diet diary, i a way you keep track of what you eat during the day. that means everything you eat, so you can start figuring out how many calories, carbs, sat. fats etc your putting into that bod of yours.

    also, some people who are emotional eaters, like myself, jot down notes about how you were feeling when you ate so that you can start figuring out what your food triggers are, like a bad day at work, trouble with a friend, all that. you can find a food diary to start with at

    im no nutritionalist, but to look at your "good day" eating habits i would have to suggest that you try to cut down on fast food and greasy stuff. also, ask your doctor about what kinda physical activities you can start with cause you're gonna need exercise - like it or not.

    good luck jim :-*


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