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How do you avoid obsessing

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  • How do you avoid obsessing

    I'm worried a friend of mine has become obsessed with losing weight. She's really had a lot of success and she looks good, but she wants to keep dropping pounds. I think she's getting obsessed. What are signs of obsession with weight loss and how can I avoid falling into this same trap.

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    Some signs to watch for include:

    if you're weighing yourself too much (like multiple times a day)
    If you are tracking every calorie to the point that you can't enjoy your meals, you're giving up all the foods you love, and you are reluctant to go to restaurants or social outings involving food
    You exercise for several hours of the day
    All you think about is weight loss


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      Thanks! My friend is definitely showing some of those signs. I know she weighs herself a lot and she has actually started to decline social invitations that are food-related. Is there a way to gently tell her that she may have a problem?


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        Pretty much, if losing weight is all you care about, all you talk about and becomes your life, you're obsessed with it.


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          Originally posted by CuJo1992 View Post
          Pretty much, if losing weight is all you care about, all you talk about and becomes your life, you're obsessed with it.
          Exactly. If you're leaving and breathing weight loss and everything you think about is how it will effect your weigh or your progress, you're obsessed and you gotta problem. There's a lot more to life than weight loss. As soon as you lose sight of this, it's time to reassess your priorities and your relationship with your weight loss strategy.


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            To avoid falling into the same trap, don't weigh yourself more than once a day. In fact, try to avoid weighing yourself more than once a week if you can.

            Count your calories but don't become obsessed with eating a meal and then exercising like crazy after to burn it off.

            Maintain a healthy social calendar. Don't avoid going out with others because you are afraid that drinking and food will be involved. You're an adult. If you don't want to eat or drink something, you don't have to. You can still lose weight and have a social life. Be honest with your friends about the goals you're trying to achieve and you're lkely to find they support you. Those who don't want to respect and support you, well they suck so just ignore them hahaha.


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