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No one knows you better than you know yourself

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  • No one knows you better than you know yourself

    Remember that when you are trying to make changes for the better for your life, weight loss, health or whatever, no one knows what will work best for you than you do. Often times, so many of us fail at succeeding in following someone else's diet, advice, lifestyle, etc. because we're trying to copy what works for them based on their specific lifestyle. No two people think and feel the same way all the time. We all have our struggles and what we find easy. It's important to take whatever it is that you learn and whatever it is that you like, respect and admire, and turn it into something that you can realistically use and implement into your daily life. Otherwise, you're only setting yourself up for failure again and again and this can lead to feelings of regret, guilt and self-loathing that are certainly not going to help you in any positive way. Be true to you and know that doing something different to someone else, doesn't make what you're doing wrong or any less successful.

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    This is very true beth. I feel like anyone who is struggling and who can take your advice and be honest with someone who is skilled to devise a plan for them based on this information is one of the best ways to lose weight. It's important that once we know how best we work that we stick to it. Even following the beat of your own drum can be challenging, so it's important to set limits and certain rules you stick to to make sure you don't start making new excuses for yourself.


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