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Finding motivation in winter

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  • Finding motivation in winter

    So here’s what I’ve found works for me in the winter when I REALLY don’t want to have to eat healthy food and exercise. I just do it. I get it started. Once I’m outside and walking, as long as I’m wearing the right clothes, I’m perfectly happy and I feel great afterward. The key is to actually get started. The rest is easy. So take that first step and just let the rest happen.
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    That's surprisingly good advice. The reason that I say that it is surprising is that it is very simple. But it’s absolutely true. That’s exactly what it takes. As soon as you get started, you’ve passed the hardest part. You’ve already prepared the meal or you’ve already put on your walking gear and have headed out the door. At that point, you’re pretty much committed to it so that you’ll get it done. And then when you’re done, it feels great!

    I feel as though I’ve experienced a victory when I get through yet another step of my diet. Especially when I really didn’t want to. When I complete that daily long walk (I mean long. I walk for about an hour), or when I feel like having something really junk foodish, but I choose to have something healthier, instead, I feel as though it is a real accomplishment. Because it is. Having your willpower actually rise above what you crave isn’t an easy thing to do.


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      When in doubt, reward yourself! You can watch that movie you want to see after you walk. You can have a long bath as long as you eat an all vegetarian dinner. That sort of thing.


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        Winter is so much better for exercising than summer is. You can go out and as long as you're bundled up in layers, then you stya a comfortable temperature instead of getting completely overheated. Youll never have to deal with bugs, so you can just get out and walk for as long as you want. Plus, even the pollution is better in the winter.


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